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National Protection and Rescue Directorate

The National Protection and Rescue Directorate is an independent, professional and administrative organisation, tasked with preparing plans and managing operational forces as well as co-ordinating the activities of all participants in the protection and rescue system.

Basic tasks

The basic tasks of the National Protection and Rescue Directorate are stipulated by the Law on protection and rescue. The most important tasks are risk and vulnerability assessment, drafting measures aimed at preventing crises and accidents, ensuring that these measures are implemented, and effective emergency management in case of major disasters.


The National Protection and Rescue Directorate is divided into organizational entities. The central national administration consists of the Directors Cabinet, International Cooperation Department and the Internal Affairs Department as well as five sectors:

Civil Protection Sector
Fire Fighting Sector
Sector for 112 System
Fire Fighting and Protection and Rescue School and
Personnel, Legal and Finance Sector

The functionality of the Directorate is ensured through its territorial organization i.e. each County has a County Protection and Rescue Office consisting of Prevention, Planning and Supervision Department and the County 112 center. In County Offices of the four biggest cities Zagreb, Rijeka, Osijek and Split there are Protection and Rescue Departments, while in the County Offices on the coast (Zadar, Šibenik, Split and Dubrovnik) there are also State Intervention Units.